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In 2006,  UGMK dispatched over 150 tons of steel products for the reconstruction of the "Mother Motherland" monument.

The monument-sculpture "Mother Motherland" is situated on the right bank of the Dnepr river in Kyiv. The height of the sculpture itself is 62 meters, while the total height together with the pedestal is 102 meters. In one hand, the statue holds a 16-meter sword weighing 9 tons, and in the other, a shield of size 13 by 8 meters and bearing the USSR emblem (with a weight of 13 tons). The whole erection is an all-welded structure weighing 450 tons. The framework proper reaches a depth of 17.8 meters (and starts at the entrance into the museum). A concrete well with a diameter of 34 meters goes down to that depth. The metallic framework is made of stainless steel. The steel sheathing was welded of plates measuring 5050 cm and of 1.5 mm gauge. The total length of welds makes up nearly 30 km.

To make it possible for people and the sculpture maintenance personnel to move, two lifts were incorprated  into the sculpture one slanted and the other vertical (moving on rollers at an angle of 75 degrees), with arranged maintenance areas. One of the lifts operates with nine stops up to the very "head" of the Mother Motherland, where there are hatchways and service areas. One can also go up into the "hand" holding the shield, as well as into the other, with the sword. The operation sites are also situated there.

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