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CONSTRUCTION of SILOS AND GRAIN ELEVATOR (Novaya Odessa, Nikolayev region, Ukraine)

In the period of September 2010 February 2011, UGMK was a supplier of various steel products for the purpose of constructing a river port terminal for handling grain and vegetable oil in the city of Novaya Odessa (Nikolayev region). For this purpose UGMK has delivered over 320 tons of steel products.

The construction of a contemporary elevator complex with a total value of UAH 190 million was performed by the Agriculture Company "Nibulon", the largest agricultural commodities producer and grain trader in Ukraine. Erection of the complex was completed in March 2011.

UGMK supplied the construction site with a various assortment of steel products, including other building materials required in the process of erection. Steel products were used in fabrication and assembly of metal constructions for the Silos with dimension of 12.710.5 m at the base, and 45.5 m height, as well as during the production and assembly of the steel structures for the over-silo galleries of 80 m in length and 25 m in height. The total grain storage capacity of the object is 75.6 thousand tons.

Delivery of steel products was performed by UGMK metal supermarket based in the city of Nikolayev. The production and assembly of the steel structures was performed by the company Vysotnik.

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